ceph-users September 2021

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How to make HEALTH_ERR quickly and pain-free
by George Shuklin
17 minutes

Ceph Community Ambassador Sync
by Mike Perez
4 days, 13 hours

Re: [EXTERNAL] RE: OSDs flapping with "_open_alloc loaded 132 GiB in 2930776 extents available 113 GiB"
by Dave Piper
4 days, 22 hours

Metrics for object sizes
by Szabo, Istvan (Agoda)
1 week, 1 day

RGW pubsub deprecation
by Yuval Lifshitz
1 week, 2 days

Re: is it possible to remove the db+wal from an external device (nvme)
by 胡 玮文
1 week, 3 days

One PG keeps going inconsistent (stat mismatch)
by Simon Ironside
1 week, 4 days

Ceph User Survey 2022 Planning
by Mike Perez
1 week, 4 days

Edit crush rule
by Budai Laszlo
2 weeks, 1 day

Restore OSD disks damaged by deployment misconfiguration
by Phil Merricks
2 weeks, 1 day
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