It is a newbie question. I would be really thankful if you can answer it please.  I want to compile the Ceph source code. Because I want to profile Librados and CRUSH function stack, loops, execution tome etc on CPU. Please verify if this is the right track I am following:

- I have cloned the Ceph from Ceph git repository
- I have installed the build code dependencies from script install-deps.sh
- Because I would like to use the gdb debug client program later, the client program will  depend on the librados library, so I must compile ceph in debug mode. Therefore I would modify the parameters of ceph cmake in do_cmake.sh script accordingly.
- Then I compile do_cmake
In build I run make - j 32
To start the developer mode, I run make vstart.
In the developer mode I can write READ and WRITE tests...compile these tests and then use some profiling tool to call the compiled executable to profile the function stacks.

Is this the correct way for profiling? Please let me know if it is fine or is there something more also. 

Bobby !