I am updating the Ceph documentation. Included in this email is a proposed change to
the documentation and a request for information pertaining to that proposed change.
If you know about the issue behind the proposed change and you have information
pertinent to it that you would like to enshrine in the documentation, reply to this
email and tell me.

Documentation Link: https://docs.ceph.com/docs/master/radosgw/STSLite/

Proposed Change: The page at the address specified by "Documentation Link" does
                 not inform the reader that Ceph Nautilus STS supports WebIdentity
                 OpenAuth OpenID. This information should be added to this page
                 in a place that fits.

Zac's Request:   Someone who is familiar with the STS-Ceph interface should tell me
                 about how this works, and I'd like to include some examples in the
                 documentation as well, so anyone who has used OpenID to interact
                 with Ceph Nautilus is encouraged to send me their examples.

Tracking Information (this can be ignored by everyone but Zac)
Bug # 1 here: https://pad.ceph.com/p/Report_Documentation_Bugs