There is a general documentation meeting called the "DocuBetter Meeting", and it is held every two weeks. The next DocuBetter Meeting will be on April 22, 2020 at 1800 PST, and will run for thirty minutes. Everyone with a documentation-related request or complaint is invited. The meeting will be held here:

Send documentation-related requests and complaints to me by replying to this email and CCing me at

This message will be sent to every Monday morning, North American time.

The next DocuBetter meeting is scheduled for:

22 Apr 2020  0830 PST
22 Apr 2020  1630 UTC
23 Apr 2020  0230 AEST


This week's meeting will cover many topics: cephadm docs, Google Season of Docs, the IR initiatives, docs bugs cleared, and encapsulated definitions.

Thanks, everyone.

Zac Dover