Your suggested text is a good start. Something quite like it is already in place.

When is the Octopus release expected?


On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 2:21 AM Sage Weil <> wrote:
On Fri, 6 Dec 2019, John Zachary Dover wrote:
> I am updating the Ceph documentation. Included in this email is a proposed
> change to
> the documentation and a request for information pertaining to that proposed
> change.
> If you know about the issue behind the proposed change and you have
> information
> pertinent to it that you would like to enshrine in the documentation, reply
> to this
> email and tell me.
> Documentation Link:
> Proposed Change: I'd like to update the list of OS recommendations, and to
> get a list of
>                  kernel versions that are supported. If this is not
> possible, I would like
>                  to publish a list of OSes and kernels on which people in
> the community
>                  have successfully tested Ceph.

I think the way to approach this is a blanket statement like:

Generally speaking, Ceph should work on any modern Linux distribution. 
In practice, we build packages for and test on a select set of common

Starting with Octopus, we recommend deployments consume Ceph via a
container image instead of packages.  The container itself is based on
CentOS 8.  The container is generally consumed by either or the
ceph-daemon tool.  In the later case, the OS requirements are relaxed, ...

Specifically, we build packages for:


We test on:


Something along those lines?

> Zac's Request:  Reply to this email if you know of OSes or kernels th
> Ceph has been
>                 successfully tested on, and if those OSes or kernels are
> not already in
>                 the list.

By the time of octopus release, I belive this will be:

- CentOS 8 (x86_64)
- Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64)
- Ubuntu 18.04 (aarch64)  (I think?)

- centos 7.6 (containerized ceph only)
- centos 8.0
- ubuntu 18.04

We need to pin this down pretty soon.  Much of this is piled up behind
the py3 conversion, which is oh-so-close...


> Deadline:       I'll keep this bug open for two full business days. At the
> end of 09 Dec
>                 2019, I'll either add to the list or regard the list as
> complete.
> Tracking Information (this can be ignored by everyone but Zac)
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