Belated reply — we actually discussed this at last week’s CLT, but neglected to respond directly.

Thanks for the patches, Matthew! One of the challenges with building Debian regularly is that nobody involved in Ceph’s technical leadership is also involved enough with Debian to track these issues, so our support is always on a best-effort basis, and we’ve leaned on others to do packaging reviews and keep us aligned. I was glad to see Kefu reviewed and merged your patches over the weekend, as it meant I didn’t need to do so blindly. :) We’ll discuss building releases at the next meeting.

Also, I’d like to connect you and Thomas, who has been working on Debian builds in irc again and maintains Ceph packages in Debian proper.

On Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 6:14 AM Matthew Vernon <> wrote:

When Reef was released, the announcement said that Debian packages would
be built once the blocking bug in Bookworm was fixed. As I noted on the
tracker item a couple of weeks
ago, that is now the case after the most recent Bookworm point release.

I also opened a PR to make the minimal change that would build Reef
packages on Bookworm[0]. I subsequently opened another PR to fix some
low-hanging fruit in terms of packaging errors - missing #! in
maintscripts, syntax errors in debian/control, erroneous dependencies on
Essential packages[1]. Neither PR has had any feedback/review as far as
I can see.

Those packages (and the previous state of the debian/ tree) had some
significant problems - no copyright file, and some of them contain
python scripts without declaring a python dependency, so I've today
submitted a slightly larger PR that brings the dh compatibility level up
to what I think the latest lowest-common-denominator level is, as well
as fixing these errors[2].

I believe these changes all ought to go into the reef branch, but
obviously you might prefer to just make the bare-minimum-to-build change
in the first PR.

Is there any chance of having some reef packages for Bookworm, please?

Relatedly, is there interest in further packaging fixes for future
branches? lintian still has quite a lot to say about the .debs for Ceph,
and while you might reasonably not want to care about crossing every t
of Debian policy, I think there are still changes that would be worth

I should declare a bit of an interest here - I'd like to evaluate
cephadm for work use, which would require us to be able to build our own
packages per local policy[3], which in turn would mean I'd want to get
Debian-based images going again. But that requires Reef .debs being
available to install onto said images :)



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