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On Thu, Sep 7, 2023 at 3:10 PM Patrick Donnelly <> wrote:
At the infrastructure meeting today, we decided on a course of action
for migrating the existing /home directory to CephFS. This is being
done for a few reasons:

- Alleviate load on the root file system device (which is also hosted
on the LRC via iscsi)
- Avoid disk space full scenarios we've regularly hit
- Is more recoverable in the event of teuthology corruption/catastrophe
- Is generally much faster.
- Use as a home file system on other sepia resources (maybe)

To effect this:

- The new "home" CephFS file system is mounted at /cephfs/home
- User's home /home/$USER has been or will be (again) rsync'd to
- User's account "home" (/etc/passwd) is being updated to /cephfs/home/$USER
- User's old home /home/$USER will be archived to /home/.archive/$USER
- A symlink will be placed in /home/$USER pointing to
/cephfs/home/$USER for compatibility with existing

The main reason for not simply updating /home is to allow
administrators continued access to teuthology in the event of a
Ceph(FS) outage.

Most home directories have already been rsync'd as of 2 weeks ago. A
final rsync will be performed prior to each user's terminal migration.
In order to update a user's home directory, the user must be logged
out. Generally no action need be taken but I may kindly ask you to log
out of teuthology if necessary.

Thanks to Laura Flores, Venky Shankar, Yuri Weinstein, and Leonid Usov
for volunteering as guinea pigs for my early testing. They have
already been migrated. The rest of the users will be migrated in a few
days time incrementally.

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