Thanks again for your answer.
I still have few questions before going on.
It seems that some metadata should remains on the original data pool, preventing it's deletion ( and
Thus does doing a cp and then a rm of the original files (instead of mv) allows to get rid of the remaining metadata in the original data pool ?
Is it then possible to remove the original pool after migration (and how, because I guess that I have to define before the default location for data to the new pool) ?
How snapshots are affected (do I have to remove all of them before the operation) ?

Happy new year.

Le 24/12/2019 à 03:53, Konstantin Shalygin a écrit :
On 12/19/19 10:22 PM, Francois Legrand wrote:
Thus my question is how can I migrate a data pool in EC of a cephfs to another EC pool ?

I suggest this:

# create you new ec pool

# `ceph osd pool application enable ec_new cephfs`

# `ceph fs add_data_pool cephfs ec_new`

# `setfattr -n ceph.dir.layout -v pool=ec_new /cephfs/ec_migration`

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