I guess you could do something like

For i in 'rbd ls'; do rbd Info $I; done

And search for the prefix.


Am 29. August 2019 23:20:33 MESZ schrieb Marc Roos <M.Roos@f1-outsourcing.eu>:

I have this error. I have found the rbd image with the
block_name_prefix:1f114174b0dc51, how can identify what snapshot this
is? (Is it a snapshot?)

2019-08-29 16:16:49.255183 7f9b3f061700 -1 log_channel(cluster) log
[ERR] : deep-scrub 17.36
17:6ca1f70a:::rbd_data.1f114174b0dc51.0000000000000974:head : expected
clone 17:6ca1f70a:::rbd_data.1f114174b0dc51.0000000000000974:4 1 missing
2019-08-29 16:24:54.806912 7f9b3f061700 -1 log_channel(cluster) log
[ERR] : 17.36 deep-scrub 1 errors
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